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Looking for a professional expert for instant flea pest control service in Melbourne or flea treatment near you? MAX Pest Control offers the best flea removal service for your residential and commercial places in Melbourne, VIC.

Fleas are insects that are mostly found intact in the skin of pets like cats and dogs. Humans can also be the sufferer of their bites. They attach to skin in-between hair and keep on sucking blood which causes several ailments. It is not easy to get rid of them as their life cycle is very small and their number increases very fast. Call professionals for Flea Pest Control Melbourne service and get rid of them.

Why Flea Pest Control Needed in Melbourne?

Flea’s hiding and blood-sucking nature make them one of the most unhealthy pests. Their presence means a lot of complications to your pets as well as to you and your family member. Thus their complete extermination is required before you fall sick and in a need of visiting the hospital. There is no other way than to exterminate them. Thus, the need for flea control and their eradication. Our flea pest control team is 24 hours available near you in Melbourne for service.

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How Does Flea Get to Your House?

The Flea is small in size and can be present anywhere. When your pets get out for a walk they can get in touch with a flea. They get carried with the pets. Since the number will be less, we will not be able to observe and they can easily grow themselves by feeding on your healthy pet blood. Sometimes, due to dirty conditions, they can generate themselves inside your house. If not noticed yet, the next target will be you and their influence grows to the house.

Health-Related Problems Caused by Flea

There are several-health related causes of the flea. Many problems arise one after another.

Some of The Common Problems Are:

  1. Red spots on your skin with itching and irritation can be the bites of the flea.
  2. Trouble in breathing and swelling of face, mouth, hands, and lips, etc.
  3. A flea infestation can attract a large number of rats which can further become a reason for the bubonic plague virus. This virus affects humans and can be deadly sometimes.
  4. Murine Typhus is a disease that is the result of flea bites with symptoms like nausea, body ache and fever, etc.
  5. Mycoplasma haemofelis is common among cats and dogs suffering from flea infestation as fleas feed on blood.

The Signs to Identify a Flea Infestation

There are various signs which signify flea presence. They are:

  1. There will be multiple red spots and marks on your body overnight. They mostly affect night humans.
  2. Pets will not be in a stable condition, go for checking their skin and hair as they will be suffering from the flea. 
  3. Blood spots in the hair of pets can be observed.
  4. Fleas in the house and blood spots on the floor may be from you or your pets. 
  5. Check for flea droppings, which may be red or black, within the furs of the pet.

How to Prevent Flea Infestation?

You can follow the following steps to prevent flea infestation. They are:

  1. The flea infestation can be prevented by checking your pets after they return from outside.
  2. Keep the fur and place of living of your pet neat and clean.
  3. Act instantly when observing any sign of their presence.
  4. Keep the hair of your pet short.
  5. Keep your house and expected items like a carpet where flea can grow neat and clean.

Get Professional Fleas Control Melbourne Treatment by MAX Pest Team

Call our licensed team as we are holding Certificate III in Pest Management. So, if you are facing flea infestation and are unable to exterminate them, go for the fleas control Melbourne. Many companies are providing professional service which is useful, effective, and affordable. The professionals are well known for the fleas and their habits, which help them to exterminate them easily. They are known for all the modern methods and effective pesticides which will help in the safe and complete extermination. We have the Flea Control Melbourne team, a crew of professionals for this service.

Quick and Emergency Flea Control Service

We at Max Pest Control Melbourne provides quick and effective rid of all kinds of pest included in our service. With over years of experience in the service, we are serving with the most desired service for pest control. Several teams of highly trained and skilled professionals are with us to give the service. So for Flea Control Melbourne, we will be the best choice. Make a booking with us for pest control services in Melbourne and get the best. We are available 24*7 hours for you. You can hire our experts for Bed Bugs Control Services in Melbourne at a low cost.

Melbourne Flea Control FAQs and MAX Pest Control Solutions

How much does it cost to get rid of fleas professionally?

The minimum cost for a flea control service is $160 in Melbourne. However, the prices will change depending upon the area of infestation and the size of the infestation. It costs more if you have pets with flea infestation.

How do I get rid of fleas in my house in Melbourne, Australia?

The simplest way is to call professionals like us and get rid of them as soon as possible. However, if you want to do it yourself, then you can clean the infested area, spray the pesticides, and check the area after a few minutes. You will find dead fleas only. You can remove them safely and your house will be free of them.

Is an exterminator The best way to get rid of fleas?

Yes, an exterminator is the best way to get rid of fleas. Especially when you have an infestation of a large size. They know what they are doing so they never fail in flea control results.

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas inside the carpet?

You can do it in three steps: spray pesticides, remove the dead fleas, and steam clean your carpet. These three steps are enough to get rid of fleas inside the carpet.

How do you know if you have a bad flea infestation?

All fleas are bad for you, your family, your pets, and your property. In general, when the infestation size is large then we call it a bad flea infestation. The experts say that more than 10 fleas at a place are called bad flea infestations. If you have this, you have a bad flea infestation. To know, you can check the areas infested with fleas.

How does a professional exterminator get rid of fleas?

A professional exterminator will check the area, apply the pesticides, clear the dead fleas, and disinfect the area. These steps are good enough to get rid of fleas.