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MAX Pest Control Your Trusted Team in Hawthorn, Victoria For Over 30 Years

We Max Pest Control follow all the standards of pest control services and we are proud to be the best pest controllers in Hawthorn VIC. For the past 30 years, we have been eliminating all your pest-related problems from the root and creating a healthy and clean environment for your entire family.

Pest control services in Hawthorn are not easy for everyone, and as far as quality is concerned, you cannot get it better than MAX Pest Control. All of our Pest controllers are licensed, and we are fully certified by the local authority to kill all the dangerous pests at your home or commercial places.

No Smelly Chemicals, Eco-safe pest control methods are used by our experts. We are specialized in termite control and inspection, Bed bug control, flea control, possum removal to timber pest management services throughout the Hawthorn. So don’t bother with the problem, call MAX and make the pest go away forever.

Save Upto $150, Call MAX Drive Away The Pests

    We Are Industry Leader in Hawthorn For Termite Control and Inspection Service

    Termite outbreaks spread swiftly, and one out of every four homes suffers from a termite problem. Share your concerns with our experts, and then they will tell you their guidance as if they’re close friends. For termite control and inspection services in Hawthorn, give us a call right away. It is very important to ensure protection from termites as they can ruin the valuable furniture and furnishings of your home and office which will be a loss-making deal for you. We provide our termite inspection services not only in Hawthorne but also in all Suburbus near by which are Frankston, GeelongRingwood, Ballarat, Bendigo, Malvern, Werribee and all other suburbs near Melbourne. Just give us a call and get same-day pest inspection and removal services at affordable price.

    MAX Pest Control Services in Hawthorn

    Our pest control service in Hawthorn is successful, we use safe methods to protect your property. Moreover, we are 24/7 available for pest control and inspection. Our experts will visit your property they will inspect and accordingly eleminate the pests. Additionally, we offer same-day service thus, appoint us for years of experience we are ready to serve you anytime. Hence, we visit your house within 24 hours to remove pests.

    Whatever be the problem of pest, our solutions are very effective and you will get get rid from the problem of pest for a long time. Whether you want to get domestic pest control for home or commercial places, we are there for you all the time. MAX pest control team is advanced with all tools and facilities, and we specialize in this work, so that we can provide pest free environment for all. Our top rated Hawthorn pest control experts will provide quick pest and termite inspection facility for you. Our steps starts with an application of natural and eco-friendly treatment by using non-toxic chemicals. Hence, this method keeps your property and environment safe. Our professional experts will provide you with an emergency pest control service. While doing this you can get more time to relax.

    Why MAX Pest Control Best in Hawthorn?

    Our Hawthorn pest control team permanently eliminates the pest. Our friendly pest removalist will personally visit your house. Hence, we will work according to your comfort. We also provide emergency pest control service Hawthorn. Some specialities which make us apart from others are:

    • Equipped With Modern Techniques

    with an experience of many years. Our Pest control team use modern techniques. Hence, assure the safety of your residence. We use the advanced and safest method for pest control. Thus, getting the desired result.

    • Friendly and Licensed Experts

    All our pest control Hawthorn team is educated. We work according to the standards. Even our trained professionals are so friendly. That they ensure to complete pest control service. And to satisfy the mind of customers.

    • Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service

    pest removals in Hawthorn use toxic-free solutions. We use organic sprays that are safe for you. Furthermore, it is safe for your pets. Hence, they are also safe for the ecosystem. Best pest removal team: our experts not only cover metro regions of Hawthorn. Moreover, we provide service in remote areas too. We have a professional pest removalist team. Moreover, decades of experience in removing any type of pests.

    We are Licensed for Both Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services

    Pests are harmful to both commercial and residential property. Moreover, they are mostly found in food-related enterprises. Hence, can affect you indirectly. They can affect your income by disturbing your work activity.  If you need pest control service then do not confused about who to call, MAX is there for all pest control service. We provide service in both commercial and residential properties. Even with the best service plan.

    Residential Pest Removal Service

    If you are facing any residential pest related issues call our Home Pest Control team in Hawthorn now. Spiders, Cockroches, Bed Bugs, and Mosquitos are the most commonly found in homes and parks. We deal with all pest and you can benefited with our  Pre Purchase Pest Inspection and End Of Lease Pest Control Services Hawthorn. Our pest control experts are multi-tasking for residential areas, we have different pest removalists.

    Commercial Pest Control in Hawthorn

    With help of experts, our call MAX Pest Control provides service in commercial property. We provide the best pest control service in manufacturing and real estate. Our commercial pest control service in Hawthorn is famous. Our main motive is to solve your problem without disturbing the work environment. All pest control methods are set up for workers safety. Even taking your workplace is important.  Furthermore, we have certificate III in pest control.  We make a safe work environment for your clients. Hence, for effective pest treatment in commercial areas you can dial us at our toll-free number.

    We Provide 24/7 Emergency Support And Same Day Pest Inspection Services

    Our emergency pest control Hawthorn team deals with every pest that damage your property. Moreover, we have different experts for different pest control services. We use safe and organic methods to remove them from your house. We understand your emergency so our experts are 24 hours ready to solve your pest related queries no metter the place. We travel all across the Melbourne to provide higher-standerds of services at an affordaable price.

    1. We listen to you, understand the problem and eliminate it from the root.
    2. Get pest problem resolved guaranteed and effectively
    3. We Are Affordable, Safe, and offer Pest Control Service With Quick Response
    4. Highly reliable with the usage of eco friendly products
    5. We Are Providing a more cleaner and hygienic atmosphere
    6. Our Trined, Licensed, and Friendly Pest Controllers are available for you 24 hours a day
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    We Provide 24/7 Emergency Support And Same Day Pest Inspection Services

    • Ant Control Hawthorn: Ants continue to search for a place to breed and nest in your house. Many ant species thrive and make nests in people’s dwellings. Our ant pest control experts can help you get rid of them. We provide a full ant eradication service. If necessary, propose follow-up assistance. In addition, we offer a low-cost pest control service.
    • Bird removal Hawthorn: Though birds are generally harmless. However, nests they build can pose a serious health risk since illness-causing microorganisms frequently infect the items used to construct such nests. As a result, having the right Bird removal Hawthorn professionals in power to deal with such difficulties effectively would be ideal.
    • Possum Removal Hawthorn: We can also help you Remove Possums from your property. According to the Australian government’s requirements, our team ensures that they are safely removed from your home. Not only will possums be removed from your property, but your property will also be secured to prevent further invasion.
    • Rodent Control Hawthorn: Our goal is to provide our customers with the finest treatments possible. We are committed to providing you with a rodent-free and secure environment promptly. Furthermore, our on-time presence marks us as the top mouse treatment service provider. You can contact our customer service representatives at any time. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you!
    • Spider Control Hawthorn: Our spider pest control team can provide long-lasting treatment for spider infestations in Hawthorn. So, if you’re seeking the finest spider treatment in Hawthorn, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a skilled spider exterminator who can handle a variety of spider removal situations.
    • Cockroach Pest Control Hawthorn: Cockroaches prefer to make their nests in peaceful, undisturbed areas. As a result, they prefer to hide in cellars, cabinets, and closets. If you see any signs of a cockroach infestation, contact our experts for help. MAX  is a reputable and competent pest control business. you can also hire us for roach pest inspection Hawthorn services.
    • Bed Bug Control Hawthorn: We have a group of certified professionals on our staff. Our experts are capable of entirely eliminating bed bugs. We have helped a lot of people get the outcomes they wanted. To deliver successful bed bug treatment in Hawthorn, our skilled exterminators employ advanced technology and eco-friendly cleaning methods.
    • Bee Removal Hawthorn: Although bees are mostly harmless, this does not imply that an unprofessional can get rid of them from your property without risking your safety. Bee removal necessitates extensive training as well as the use of certain traps and pesticides. Only experienced bee removalists have this ability. Contact us for bee treatment that is both safe and effective.
    • Wasp Control Hawthorn: Do you believe you have a wasp hive somewhere? For building and pest inspection Hawthorn services, give us a ring. We can easily get rid of wasps. Please do not hesitate to contact us for both residential and commercial pest control services.
    pest control services in hawthorn

    How Can We Help? Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does pest control cost in Melbourne?

    Pest control costs in Melbourne are from $170 to $3000 for different houses, pests, infestations, and requirements. The prices differ on many aspects which include your location, pests, infested area size, type of property, and more. Some pest control treatments can also cost you more than $3k.

    Are pest control services worth the money?

    Absolutely, that is why the pest control service market is growing at a high pace, and people are getting real solutions for their pest problems. But you should be careful when booking or hiring a company for pest control jobs because cheaters are also there in the market.

    When should you call an exterminator for rats?

    You can call an exterminator for rats when you see different signs that confirm the presence of rats on your property. Those signs are weird noise from roofs and ceilings, rats movement in your room, damaged wirings, gnawed fruits and food packets, scattered grains and sacks in storage houses, and more.

    Do I really need monthly pest control?

    No, you do not need monthly pest control. However, you can choose pest inspectors monthly to confirm that your place is safe and there are no pests.

    What should I look for when hiring a pest control company?

    Certifications, reviews, testimonials, pricing, and experience are five things that can help you choose a good pest control company. There are other things like availability, service locations, and local expertise.

    What is included in your general pest control?

    In our general pest control, our team will inspect your area, find the infested regions, and treat the area. However, this treatment will help you get rid of most of the pests which are found in residential and commercial premises.

    Location: Hawthorn VIC, Australia