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Possum Removal Melbourne

Possum Removal Melbourne

MAX Pest Control: Offers The Best Possum Removal and Control Service in Melbourne

You must be looking for the best possum removal Melbourne company. If so, MAX Pest Control Service Melbourne can be the right choice for you! We have a team of local possum catchers who are well aware of all possum species and behavior in Melbourne. You can simply schedule us by ringing our toll-free number. To ensure the best treatments, we make sure all our possum catchers are well-trained and experienced. As possums are protected pests native to Australia, it is safe to appoint experts like us for their removal. The possum excreta can spoil your roofs and backyard.

Moreover, on coming in contact with possum dropping, you may suffer allergic reactions. Indeed, possums are a nuisance as they urinate on your walls and ceilings. So, why let such annoying pests infest your property? Simply, reach out to us for the best-quality possum control in Melbourne. Our possum removal Melbourne services are just a call away from you. We take bookings at 0344222333.

We Are Legally Approved For Possum Control and Removal Service

Our company is fully licensed and certified to carry out possum inspection, capture, and removal treatment. Our possum pest control Melbourne experts ensure the best services to clients. All of our possum catchers in Melbourne are legally certified to offer services on both residential and commercial properties. Hiring our possum removal specialist in Melbourne will save you from legal issues as we have the right means to remove them safely. We have the following certifications in possum removal: Certificate III in Urban Pest Management, certified by the HACCP for any Possum Issues. Moreover, our professionals have successfully completed various Pest Management Training Programs and General Pest Management Courses organized in Melbourne.

Dead Possum Removal Melbourne

Dead Possum Removal Melbourne

As possums are protected wildlife beings, it is illegal to poison or kill them. However, sometimes they die by themselves on coming in contact with a rodent trap, being attacked by a pet, or consuming pest baits. So, if such is the case with you, you can reach out to us for Dead Possum Removal Melbourne. If you are having bad smells from the roof area, there may be a deal possum there. Another sign of finding a dead possum is when your pet is trying to go near a location again and again on your property. So, on observing any possum issue, feel free to call us for possum removal Melbourne service.

24 Hours Emergency Possum Removal and Treatment

MAX Pest Control is here in Melbourne offering emergency possum removal services. We answer your questions on possum removal services 24 by 7. Also, our emergency possum catchers are readily available to serve you in less time. In general, too, you can book us for possum control Melbourne service anytime you wish. We take 24 hours possum removal Melbourne appointments. Further, our same-day service options ensure you a quick possum removal. We generally come to your place within 1 hour or so and get the issue resolved safely.

24 Hours Emergency Possum Removal and Treatment

MAX Possum Control and Solutions

MAX Pest Control in Melbourne is officially certified for legally Possum Removal. We have an expert possum catcher team working in all the surrounding suburbs to make your place possum free, just give us a call right away.

Max Pest Control Has Access To All The Suburbs in Melbourne

Are you residing in Melbourne and need a quick possum removal service? If so, call us unhesitantly. Our possum removal Melbourne experts offer services to all Melbourne suburbs. Feel free to contact us for an affordable possum treatment Melbourne-wide. Our reach extends from Possum Removal in Geelong, Ballarat, Ringwood, Bendigo, Werribee, Toorak, Bayswater, Essendon, Mornington Peninsula, Northern Suburbs to Frankston. Also, we have more frequent calls from Bayside suburbs including Dandenong, Malvern, and Sunbury are a hotspot for possums, with significant numbers also spotted in the eastern suburbs of Blackburn and Croydon. We are dedicated to keeping every resident of Melbourne and its suburbs free from risks and damages possums can create on their properties.

Why Is Possum Removal Service Needed?

As it’s risky to kill or remove possum on your own, it’s ideal to call for a professional possum removal service.

  • Professionals have the right skills to deal with capturing and releasing possums.
  • Expert opossum removal services are time-saving, you can make your place possum-free quickly.
  • Possums are very annoying, they jump and scratch your walls and roofs. Moreover, they eat away your pet food as well as spread diseases.

Therefore, to restore your night sleep, it is a necessity to schedule a possum removal Melbourne service.

Types Of Possum in Melbourne and Surrounding: Stop Possum Infection

There are mainly two types of possums commonly found in the Melbourne area. And with our possum removal Melbourne service, you can get them removed from your place quickly.

Common Brushtail Possum

Common brushtail possums are very often seen in Melbourne, Australia. Being a nocturnal pest, it can easily make its way in the dark. Some features of this possum species are linked to other different traits as they can live on both trees and on the ground level. A common brushtail possum mostly eats eucalyptus leaves and other mammals like rodents. Furthermore, it is the second-largest possum type in Australia with silverish-grey, black, and brown color furs. Also, they have a tail long enough to be used for hanging and climbing trees.

Common Ringtail Possum

This possum type is found in greyish color with a whitish stomach and bright white spots near the areas. These also have a tail that is used for grasping things, and easy mobility. Furthermore, the tail has a white end that is about one-quarter of the tail. Moreover, common ringtail possums have pointed molars, which gives them a scary look. Their weight is almost 550-1100 gms and is nearly 35 cm in length.

MAX’s Advanced Possum Removal Treatment Process

Our process of possum removal is designed to safely relocate possums without disturbing the law. Have a look at our step by step possum removal process below:

  1. We begin with inspecting your property for possum and their nestings. Areas we cover during the inspection include- roof, fence area, backyard, garage, etc.
  2. After analysing the possum activity and extent of the infestation, we customise a removal plan.
  3. Next, we set baits in cages and trap the possums. Followed by a clean up of all the possum droppings and sanitisation, so there is no chance of returning back.
  4. We then release the possum to their habitable place such as forest at least a minimum distance of 50 m away from your place.
  5. We then re-inspect the place for possums and their droppings.
  6. At last, we provide you with documentation and suggest a follow-up service (if necessary).

Why MAX Pest Control Rock In Melbourne?

We have been rated as the best possum removal Melbourne by our clients. With more than 30 years of expertise in the safe relocation of possums, we make Melbourne properties possum-free. Our key specialties include:

  • We offer affordable possum removal cost Melbourne
  • Open 7 days a week, including public holidays and weekends
  • Professional, polite and customer-friendly service
  • Eco-friendly ways of possum removal
  • Transparent pricing, No hidden costs!
  • Using the latest cages and industry-approved methods

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of possums in Melbourne?

You can make a floppy fence around your garden or you can use collars to save the fruit trees. This can help you in making your property not so attractive for possums. You can also put cages at the places where they are frequent. However, for safe removal, call experts.

What time do possums come out?

As possums are night animals, they mostly come out of their nestings about 30 minutes after the sunset. During the day, they will remain silent. During the night, they are noisy.

What attracts possums to your house?

Possums are attracted to odorous items you put outdoors, such as trash, pet food, fruits on trees, etc. And if you reside near a pond, then your property is the more preferable location for possums to infest.

What to do if you see a possum?

On seeing a possum, do not try to scare it, as they may attack in defense. The better option is to call us for a professional possum removal service! Keep yourself at a safe distance from the possum. Also, keep an eye on its movement.

How Much Do You Charge For Possum Removal In Melbourne?

Our cost of Possum Control Service is highly dependent on the area to be covered and the severity of the problem. However, we can assure you that our prices for Possum Removal Melbourne are the lowest and the most affordable that you can find.

Are Your Methods Of Possum Removal Safe To Use Around Kids?

Yes, all of our methods currently in use by our Local Possum Catchers are safe to use around kids. We never use methods that might cause any harm to our clients and the environment. That's why all of our methods of possum control are organic.

Are You Available For On-Call Booking In Melbourne?

To hire us, you only need to give us a single call at our hotline. We will pick up your call, answer you every question, and we will also offer you a Free Quote while you are at it.