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Termite Inspection Melbourne

Termite Inspection Melbourne

MAX Pest Control Offer Best Termite Inspection and Treatment Services in Melbourne

In a great worry and awe because of termites and looking for termite pest control in Melbourne? Termites can ruin the expensive furniture and structure of your building. MAX Pest Control believes treatment and prevention are the keys when it comes to white ants or termites. To provide the best termite inspection and treatment in Melbourne, our Termite Inspection Melbourne team offers a wide range of services to suit customers’ requirements and budgets. Even, we work according to the time and schedule that completely suits your busy schedule!

Moreover, our termite inspectors provide thorough termite inspections. Our termite inspection Melbourne cost is budget-friendly! We provide safe and effective termite control treatments to both homeowners and business owners. Our Termite Pest Control Melbourne team follows proper steps to eradicate termites so that they can not invade your property for a longer duration.

So, get our top-notch termite treatments in Melbourne, even you can contact us for termite control Melbourne Eastern suburbs. We have skilled and licensed exterminators who provide you with a report and recommend the best termite treatment methods. In addition, our skilled technicians work round the clock!

How Do You Identify The Termite Signs in Your Home?

Termites damage a building or other timber structure. As a result, it is necessary to eradicate them as soon as possible. Here are the signs to identify termites:

  • If you see mud tubes on your wall or furniture then it is time to call professionals for help. These mud tubes are a significant sign that you have a termite infestation at your property.
  • Termites access doors, and windows from below the floors, and make hollowness, small holes. As a result, you may see wood dust here and there at your place; these are also a common signs of termite infestation.
  • You can see live termites around your place.
  • Dead termites can attract ants and other pests, you can check their trails that might be linked with termites.
  • Peeling paints from walls is sometimes because of termites.
  • Stuck doors and windows can be because of termites.
  • You can listen to the ticking sound of termites that they make when they cut or chew wood.

In any case, you can rely on our Termite Control Melbourne team. We use safe chemicals and at the same time effective too. In addition, we spray the areas with great care so no nearby furniture or wall is damaged.

It’s Time To Call MAX Pest Control Team For Advanced and Affordable Termite Treatment in Melbourne VIC

Max Pest Control Melbourne team is the largest pest control company that provides advanced, effective, and pocket-friendly termite treatments in Melbourne. Our team has complete knowledge of termites. Thus, they help you better so that termites do not affect your life and business. Our Termite Pest Control Melbourne exterminators use only organic treatments to treat termites. As a result, our termite control service in Melbourne is safe for your kids, pets, house, and all.

Get Quick Termite Inspection Report

MAX Termite Control and Inspection Team Available 24 Hours A Day To Make Your Property Termite Free, Call Us Or Book Your Appointment, Now for Termite Inspection Report and Treatment!

Same Day Emergency Termite Pest Control and Inspection in Melbourne and Surroundings

Termites are the reasons for disaster to your furniture and other expensive belongings. As a result, you definitely need a team of professional termite exterminators who deal with them in an appropriate way. Moreover, if you get termite treatment without delay i.e same day then it is definitely like the icing on the cake. So, do not wait and contact us for Melbourne Termite Control today! Our team has a one-stop solution for your termite problem. We offer a quick and effective termite control service in Melbourne, its suburbs including Termite Control in Geelong, Ballarat, Frankston, Ringwood, Bendigo, Malvern, Werribee, Sunbury, Toorak, Bayswater, Dandenong, Essendon, Mornington Peninsula, Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. and its surroundings. Ring us today and get the finest same-day Termite Treatment Melbourne. Furthermore, we will not charge any extra amount for same-day termite control services!

Domestic Termite Control and Inspection ↗

Start the search for termite protection in Melbourne to get the best Domestic Service. In addition to that, you also get the best-in-class Home Termite Control treatments from the industry leaders. It ensures the complete and total elimination of the termites from your house.

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection ↗

We help you save money on the next property you are searching for by finding all the hidden termites inside. With our termite treatment in Melbourne, you can find all the termites that might be lurking and damaging the property you want to buy. And you can eliminate them with us.

Commercial Termite Inspection Service ↗

A commercial place like offices and restaurant requires to be free from all kinds of pest problems. And it includes termites that might be hiding in the wooden sofa and chairs as well. For that, we are available with our Commercial Termite Pest Control Service.

We Love Making Your Home Termite Free, Call MAX Drive Away The Pests!

We have great experience in removing termites from various places. Whether it is your home or working place, we efficiently do our job and give you 100% safe Termite Treatment in Melbourne. Termites or white ants, both are tough to get rid of and the most destructive in Your homes. You need treatment as we do for protection for many years. It includes the following:

  1. MAX Termite Inspection Process- Our team investigates the property to know the reasons for termites entry and growth, species of termites, and many other things. Our termite inspectors examine the soil, wooden furniture to identify termites swarms and find colonies.
  2. MAX Termite Treatment Plan-  The purpose of our Termite Treatment Melbourne is to provide a hassle-free service and termite-free environment. That is why we provide various treatments including chemical treatments, barrier treatments, termites baits, and so on. But the aim is customer satisfaction. In addition, we use organic and non-toxic chemicals to provide termite treatments. Our plan is such that we can control any level of termite infestation on your property.
  3. MAX Active Prevention- We give you not only the best termite control results but also MAX Active Prevention. We will eradicate them and also give you prevention tips so that you may not face trouble in the future.

So without thinking much about costs and services, you can book an appointment for our Termite Control Melbourne services! We know how to handle termite-infested properties.

People Love Choosing MAX For Termite Inspection, Control, and Treatments in Melbourne?

Handling termites is not an easy task for the homeowner or company owner. Hence, you need a professional who holds Certificate III in Pest Management. MAX Pest Control is a company with years of experience and so many things that will make your termite inspection, treatment, and control process easy and safe for your property. In addition, our firm has a great name in dealing with termites whether you have large or small area infestation. Here are some more reasons why people choose our team for termite treatment.

  1. We provide the best termite control in Melbourne and this is possible because of our trusted staff. Our Termite Control Melbourne team treats their clients with utmost respect and sincerity.
  2. Our termite inspectors are local. As a result, they will reach a given location through the shortest route. In addition, we are known as the finest building and termite inspection Melbourne provider.
  3. Our Termite Pest Control Melbourne Team is licensed and insured. So do not worry about your safety. We provide you doorstep services in Melbourne.
  4. We work all day long for customer satisfaction. Hence, you can call us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our Termite Inspection and Control Melbourne team is available for you!
  5. You get termite treatment in Melbourne at a fair price with us! All you need is to ring us to avail the best offers and get your budget-friendly termite control! Besides, our termite inspection Melbourne cost is inexpensive.
  6. Our team uses eco-friendly, non-toxic ways to treat termites.

You can check Termite inspection Melbourne reviews from our clients. You will be surprised by the level of satisfaction they have from our teams and services.

Frequently Asked Questions and and MAX Pest Control Solutions

How Can Termites Cause Damage To My Home?

Termites are known as wood destroyers as they can destroy anything that’s made out of wood. Termites love to eat wood, and they can make their nest inside the wooden parts of your house. For example, wooden house beams, furniture, wooden chairs, and beds, etc.

Can Termites In Your House Make You Sick?

Regardless of how much you want to deny it, sadly, you can’t. Termites are known to cause various illnesses to people of various age groups. You can contract various kinds of sickness and allergies if you get in touch with the termites wandering in your house.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Termite Control In Melbourne?

Termite Control Melbourne will be a challenging and complex job; that’s why it is recommended to leave it to us. With our Timber Pest Manager and our high-tech methods of Termite Control Service, we can get rid of termites in 2hrs to 4hrs.

Are termites a problem in Melbourne?

Yes, termites are a problem in Melbourne. We get so many termite control requests every year and we help them to protect their property. You can call our experts to get rid of any pest that you have at your place, especially termites.

Can I control termites myself?

At an early stage, you may take some steps like spraying termiticides and other chemicals to kill termites. This can help you. But if the infestation stage is higher, you must consult a termite control team for quick and effective protection. 

How do you know if the house has termites?

There are some signs of termite infestation that you can observe at your property to confirm the presence of termites. If you have doubts, then you can call a professional team for termite inspection available in your area.

Do termites come back after treatment?

If you get rid of termites by spraying pesticides, then they can return after treatment. For long-lasting results, you should get a physical barrier or chemical barrier setting.

How common are termites in Melbourne?

Every year almost 180,000 Australian homes are affected. Termites are found in Melbourne and throughout all of Victoria. It is estimated termites cause more damage and destruction in Melbourne homes or business areas each year than natural disasters. According to CSIRO 1 in 3 homes will be affected by termites within the economic life of the structure. Many houses go undetected until damage is visible by chance.

Can termites spread house to house?

Termites can easily spread from house to house. You have to worry if your neighbor has a termite infestation. They can spread through underground holes and long colonies without any sign on the surface.

What are the signs of termite damage?

Wood dust, mud tubes, droppings, holes in your furniture, feel hard to open doors and windows, peeling paints, discoloured drywall, Small, pinpoint holes, wood that sounds hollow, Tiles loosening, and squeaky floorboards are some clear signs that you have termite infestation at your property.

How much does termite treatment cost in Melbourne?

Well, there are several factors on which the cost depends such as the severity of an infestation, area of termite treatment, type of treatment for termites, and many more. Termite control costs in Australia can range from $250 to $3500, depending on the various factors given. A termite inspection costs $250 to $350, spray treatment costs $330 to $660, while baiting and soil treatments can cost $2500 to $3500. The cost of termite damage in Australia's $4+ billion per year.

What do termites in Melbourne look like?

Most termites in Melbourne are yellowish-brown color, brown, reddish-brown, or black. In many cases, they also have heads that are darker than the rest of their bodies. Workers: Like subterranean termites, dry wood worker termites are cream to white in color. Soldiers: These have darker, orangish-brown heads and opaque bodies.

MAX’s Termite Pest Removal Ideas and Prevention Tips

10 Home DIY Tips To Get Rid Of Termites

Termites are not easy to detect, as they rarely like to live in the moist tunnels of their nests. Termite control in Melbourne should be carried out by a pest technician to be effective. This means that taking a casual look around your house or garden will not guarantee your safety. Drywood and dampwood termites are usually only detectable by the damage they cause, which means it is already too late. Other termites establish nests in the soil before moving on to your property, meaning that even after they are eliminated in your house, they can keep coming back. If you keep on asking about How to get rid of termites, then this blog is for you. In this blog, we will discuss 10 Home DIY Tips To Get Rid Of Termites.

What Are The Signs Of Termite Damage?

Termites infestations give you several warning signs all you need is to notice it at an early stage. Only then you can save yourself from heavy damage to your property. You may take help from Signs Of Termite Damage to save your property from damages and loss. A Termite Inspection In Melbourne is paramount and…

How Do I Treat My House For Termites In Australia

Often people are confused about whether they have termites infestation or ants. When they identify they ask “How do I treat termites?”. Termites are very small and similar in size to ants. But the damage caused by termites is huge in comparison to ants. The late phase of ants and termites also called swarmers, cause