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Troubled By The Terror Of Ants in Your House? Max Ant Control Melbourne Team is There For You

MAX Pest Control team provides reliable and great treatments to clear all ant nestings from your place. We moreover provide ant prevention tips so that you can maintain an ant-free property. Our ant control Melbourne team is trained and licensed to ant exterminations. If you are noticing any ant signs in your property, consult us for a professional Ant removal Melbourne service. Our ant eradication Melbourne experts keep a close monitor of all ant movements and remove them thoroughly. 

We are a leading provider of ant Pest Control Services in Melbourne. Also, we make use of modern ant treatments methods that are safe to conduct in front of pets and children. So, to receive an eco-friendly & quick ant eradication Melbourne service, book us now. We take bookings at.

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We Have Complete Ant Removal Solutions in Melbourne, VIC

Ants keep on looking to enter your property to nest and breed. Within the homes, many ant species survive & build nests. To control them, our ant exterminator Melbourne team is here for you. We provide a complete ant removal service. That is given in three simple ways. 

  • To control the entry of ants into your home, we make use of sealants to seal up all the cracks, voids, gaps and passageways. 
  • To clear ant nestings present in your property, we make use of repellents and insecticide sprays. Please note, we ensure using green and less-chemical based sprays. 
  • We also suggest putting ant hooks. These are the best ant traps as they attract a lot of ants together. Moreover, it has wax-based ingredients that restrict the ants from leaving, once trapped. 

Once finishing off with the complete ant removal Melbourne service, we re-inspect the property for ants. And suggest follow-up services, if applicable. Also, we provide a Cheap Pest Control Service in Melbourne. 

Some Of The Major Signs of Ant Infestation You Must Aware

It’s very important to know and understand the signs of ant infestation. You can prevent the growth of ants infestation if you know about the sign of ants infestation.

Here are The Few Signs That Help to Find Ant Colonies by Following the Ant Trails

  • Ant follows the pheromone trail for food which was left by other ants. Look for ants movements and their pathways because mostly they move together by forming a pattern or line.   
  • Ants attracted to protein and sugar foods, it’s common to find them in the kitchen. Look for ant’s cluster in the kitchen. 
  • Common ants make a small pile of mud or soil. Search for ants sign such as their nest and small round shape of soil in the garden. 
  • There are many places at your property where ants nests can be found like cupboards, gardens or basement. Ants have many species and they all make different types of nests. 

Are you searching for a trusted ant control company in Melbourne? Our ant pest control Melbourne team provides on-time and effective treatments for ants. Also, we make sure once you call us for ant removal Melbourne service, they do not return for a longer time. Our professional ant exterminator Melbourne teams are experts at recognizing, diagnosing, and controlling pests. We have years of expertise in ant treatments. So, if you wish to get a relieving experience from ant nestings and damages, do call us. We are readily available to book for same-day and emergency services. Our ant exterminator Melbourne experts are just a phone call away. 

  • Odorous House Ants: They are small, dark black and brown colored ants. To control odorous house ants, we use protein and sugar-based baits. 
  • Pharaoh Ants: Pharaoh ants are very tiny and rarely bite. Harmless to your body, but can damage many things. We can help you remove them without much chaos. 
  • Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are among the most harmful insects. They live in your wood items and damage them from within. 
  • Pavement Ants: These ants are harming people as they spread bacterias. These can enter your indoors through wall gaps and crevices. If you have any such ants, call us for effective control.

Best Ant Prevention Tips You Can Use

  1. Clean dirty dishes and remove food waste as soon as possible to prevent ants
  2. Keep sugar and other foods in tight containers. 
  3. Seal all small entry holes around windows, doors and exterior walls.

Here are The Methods to Control or Remove Ants Infestation

  • Inspection:

    In this method, we visit the client’s property and to inspect their area. This method helps us to understand the intensity of ant infestation and then we make a plan and use a chemical solution to get rid of ants. 
  • Tracking Ants:

    Ants follow trails to reach their colony and food. We also follow ants trails to reach them and their colony. 
  • Chemical Treatments:

    After the inspection and tracking methods. We apply chemical solutions in ant colonies to eradicate ants. Our chemical treatments are very effective. The chemicals we use for ants are totally safe for you and your family.

When and Why Call MAX Ant Control in Melbourne?

Our local team is qualified and well versed with Certificate III in Pest Management and fully licensed. Australia itself has around 1300 different types of ants species in it. And almost all of them are constant harm to your property and family, both physical and structural. So, whenever you observe any ant colony presence or damage, call us right away. 

You must call us because of the following reasons: 

  1. Experience: Your place is of utmost importance- keep it safe. With our years of expertise in ant treatments, your place is in safe hands. 
  2. Professionalism: Our ant removal treatments are done by professional and insured pest controllers only. We adhere to all Australian set standards for ant controls. 
  3. Modern Ant Control Melbourne methods: We only use trending methods and the highest quality ant sprays to ensure the treatment is done completely. 
  4. Reliable Ant Control Melbourne Service: We not only treat the current ant issue but also search for the cause and remove it. We also listen to all your concerns and offer suggestions on how you can prevent ants in future. 

Safe Ant Control Melbourne Treatments: All of the ant control services are done by taking the utmost care. We will work with you to accommodate any safety needs in our ant control process and service.

On Time Everytime, MAX Ant Pest Control Melbourne Team Avaliable in Your Service