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Bed Bugs Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

today we are talking about bed bugs can be your worst nightmare. Do you often wake up with small red itchy bumps on your legs and arms? If you frequently see red-brown spots on your bed sheet then chances are you are facing bed bug infestations. Bed bugs are very small crawling insects that are oval in shape and may appear like apple seeds. There are flat and small which helps them in crawling deep within the mattress and bed or furniture. Bed bugs infestations are often very hard to detect and get rid of and people often throw away their belongings that are affected by bed bugs.

Bed bugs thrive on human blood, they bite you in your sleep and suck the blood out of your body for nutrition and development. It is highly advisable that you hire professional pest control services for bed bugs control and bed bug extermination. As bed bug infestations are very hard to get rid of so bed bug treatments require professional assistance. In this blog, we are going to provide you with some information about bed bugs can be your worst nightmare. Keep reading below to know more about it and some signs of bed bug infestations as well and Fix an Appointment.

Bed Bugs Can Be Your Worst Nightmare
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Where Do Bed Bugs Inhabit

As you know bed bugs are very small so they mostly inhabit cracks and crevices during the daytime. They come out tonight for food that is your blood. As you are asleep so you are unaware of the bed bugs that are biting and sucking your blood out. After the sucking, you may feel an itchy rash when you wake up. In some extreme cases, a person may develop a severe; allergic reaction that may require emergency medical treatment.

Some of the common places where bed bugs hide are tufts, folds and seams of the mattress and base.

Cracks of timber on the bed frames, and mattress slats all around the bed. Bed bugs can also infest your carpets, picture frames, furniture curtains, electrical fillings, wardrobes, and any area where a bed bug can crawl into.

Self-treatment is useless because they penetrate deep into the places beyond your reach. Professionals are equipped with specialised equipment that can deliver the pesticides to those small places where those bed bugs hide. Also, it is important to note that even if you successfully treat the bed bug infestations, they will leave behind their eggs which are actually resistant to most pesticides.

Signs of Bed bug infestation

  • Red or brow blood spot marks on your mattress, bed sheets, walls, furniture, upholstery, stairs, fabrics, clothes or almost on anything that comes into your contact.
  • Observing or looking at the movement of live bed bugs hidden or crawling over your mattress or anywhere around your room.
  • Skin irritations, or itchy red bumps that follow a pattern.
  • Regular bite marks on your arms or legs or any other part of exposed skin
  • Sweaty musty smell, only observable if there is an extreme case of bed bug infestation.
  • Visible signs of bed bug skins and faeces in the places where they inhabit
  • Visible bed bug eggs around your mattress, bed or furniture or any place where they infest.
professional bed bug service
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Professional Assistance For Bed Bug Treatment

Our Max Pest Control Melbourne company is an age-old service provider for all kinds of pest control services. We offer our customers bed bug control and bed bug extermination services. We provide one-time solutions to bed bug infestations for commercial or residential premises. Our Local Pest Control Service are highly trained and experienced and can handle and eradicate bed bug infestation in no time. We are equipped with the latest tools and equipment which can help us in providing a bud bug-free environment for you. We will deliver the best and most effective bed bug control service for you at affordable costs.