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Professional Melbourne Mosquito Control Services

Are you experiencing red bumps and constant irritation from mosquitos on your property? Well, it’s high time you must consider hiring professionals for mosquito control Melbourne or your nearby city. These pests are not as harmless as they seem. They can spread numerous deadly diseases and irritate, lack productivity and whatnot.

Max Pest Control can help you remove mosquitoes and their eggs from your property for good. We offer detailed and result-oriented mosquito pest control in Melbourne and prevent them from coming back to your property. Our specialists are well-trained and certified to do this job in Melbourne. Contact us now to learn more.

Professional Mosquito Control Services Melbourne

Why Melbourne Mosquito Control is Essential?

  • The majority of mosquito bites hurt, irritate, and result in swelling on your body.
  • The Barmah Forest virus, which causes weariness, joint discomfort, fever, muscle pains, and rashes of varying appearance on limbs and torsos, can also be spread through mosquito bites. Typically, it takes patients up to six months to fully recover from their symptoms.
  • The Murray Valley encephalitis virus can also be spread by mosquito bites, however, this is uncommon. It’s a very dangerous medical disorder that results in swelling and infection of the brain, which can damage the brain or cause death.
  • The Ross River virus is known to be spread via mosquitoes in the Victoria area. Fatigue, sore muscles, inflammation, and discomfort are all symptoms of the illness. Some patients’ bodies may develop rashes as a result of the illness, and many take over a year to fully recover from the symptoms.
  • The danger of contracting Dengue fever through mosquito bites is confirmed by the history of outbreaks of the disease in Australia and the existence of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are the carriers of the disease.

We’re a specialist Mosquito Control company in Melbourne, with a team of qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in all areas of pest management.

Signs of Mosquito Infestation at Your Place

When a mosquito is close, it will emit a very high-pitched sound, so if you hear that, you can be sure it is one, and if you hear that high-pitched sound frequently, you can be sure there is an infestation nearby!

Another sign that there could be an infestation nearby is an increase in the number of insect bites daily.

To deposit their eggs, adult mosquitoes are drawn to containers used for houseplants, bowls of still water, and other moist areas. Call for a professional examination if you see them buzzing over your wet lawn or among your plants.

Ask experts for mosquito removal in Melbourne if you see them walking upside-down on your glass ceilings and surfaces. A professional will offer you top-notch solutions. The mosquito repellent gels or spray can be harmful to your skin and overall health. So, don’t trap in using them. Contact experts and treat the infestation forever.

How to Avoid Mosquito Bites?

  1. By deploying protective systems, you may ensure that your house, building, and place of business are secure.
  2. Installing bug screens will keep your house, building, and place of business secure.
  3. Use mosquito coils or sprays regularly to keep insects under control and out of your workspace.
  4. Make sure to bring and utilize a mosquito net if you plan to camp outside to prevent having bitten.
  5. Wear protective clothing, such as loose skirt or trousers and full sleeves, and don’t forget to apply insect repellent if you plan to stay out late.
  6. You can ask more such protection hacks professionals providing mosquito control services in Melbourne when they visit your place for treatment.

How Does Max Mosquito Control Melbourne Team Work at Your Place?

As a professional Melbourne mosquito control company, we offer a step by-step process to make your place mosquito-free. As well as safe for your living. Check what we do when you call us at your place for controlling mosquitoes.

Detailed Examination 

Detailed Examination

We believe in looking into the issue before start treating it. So, our experts inspect your property to find out everything about the infestation. Crucial factors like infestation size, root cause, hiding the location of mosquitos and similar information are mandatory to remove their presence from your place entirely.
Treatment Plan 

Treatment Plan

After inspection, we decide on a customized plan for your place and work on it. Our professionals work in a team and perform treatments without disturbing your day-to-day life. For commercial pest control, we always schedule services after your working hours.


Once we treat the infestation, we go the extra mile to protect you from the same in future. We help you understand what caused the issue and offer practical tips to prevent it.
Call our experts for mosquito pest control in Melbourne today and learn more about our procedures, products and treatments. Hurry up!

Residential and Commercial Mosquito Control Service in Melbourne

Our Mosquito Control Services Melbourne are available for every kind of property in the city. Whether you require us for home mosquito control in Melbourne or insect control for your office space, we can help. The size of the location does not matter to us. We can give you mosquito controls in small to large-scale spaces. The wide range of properties that can avail of our long-lasting mosquito inspections and treatments are:

esidential societies, homes, apartments and colonies

Residential societies, homes, apartments and colonies

Commercial spaces like- buildings, workplaces and canteen areas.

Commercial spaces like- buildings, workplaces and canteen areas.

Shopping stores, shops and malls

Shopping stores, shops and malls



Educational locations like schools, tuitions and colleges

Educational locations like schools, tuitions and colleges

Eating points include hotels, restaurants and cafes and much more

Eating points include hotels, restaurants and cafes and much more.

When you hire Melbourne mosquito control specialist at your place, they might tell you more about the specific mosquitos present on your property.

What Makes Us a Top Choice for Mosquito Pest Control in Melbourne?

Max Pest Control is known for its integrity and habit of going the extra mile to help clients. We have been in this industry for decades and have created a magical formula to keep our clients safe and happy. That formula is hard work and dedication. We put everything to make our clients happy with our services. After all, their happiness is our reward.

Here are some more points that highlight our values:

  • Round-the-clock services
  • Emergency and same-day mosquito control in Melbourne
  • Skilled and experienced local pest controllers  
  • Timely inspections  
  • Instant free quote  
  • Hassle-free booking  
  • Friendly assistance  
  • Quality services at an affordable price  
  • Safe techniques and solutions
  • Top mosquito removal in Melbourne
Mosquito Pest Control

So, don’t hesitate to call us on 0344222333 when you experience mosquito infestation. People tend to ignore these commonly found insects and may go through several diseases. Don’t let that happen to yourself. Call us now for the best mosquito control services in Melbourne.


This will depend on the level of infestation and the time of year. For properties with a high mosquito population, we recommend treatment every two weeks. For properties with a moderate mosquito population, we recommend treatment every four weeks. And for properties with a low mosquito population, we recommend treatment every six weeks.
The best time of day to treat for mosquitoes is in the early morning or evening, when they are most active.
The treatment will last for about three weeks.
No, you do not need to leave your property during the treatment. However, we recommend that you stay inside for at least 30 minutes after the treatment has been completed.
No, the treatment will not harm your pets. However, we recommend that you keep them inside for at least 30 minutes after the treatment has been completed.
The cost of the treatment will depend on the size of your property. For a standard sized home, the cost is $150. For a large property, the cost is $300.

We Are Available At All Prime Locations in Melbourne, VIC For Mosquito Control

You can now call MAX Pest Control in all leading locations of Melbourne. We are all-rounders at doing mosquito treatments. Locations, where we serve our mosquito treatments, are:

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