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A mosquito bite is dreadful as it can transfer a lot of diseases. Moreover, its bite is painful and is a nuisance in daily life. MAX Pest Control provides complete and safe mosquito control services in Melbourne. We provide Mosquito Pest Control Service Melbourne to both residential and commercial spaces. With many years of experience in doing expert Mosquito Control in Melbourne. 

Our mosquito control Melbourne team is certified and qualified in doing services. Also, we make use of modern technology tools and sprays for mosquitoes. We provide customized mosquito treatment processes that help you achieve a healthy and insect-free environment. Our company is also open 24 by 7 to assist you over calls and take bookings. We are active in emergency mosquito control as well. So, feel free to book your slot by dialing MAX Pest Control for quick pest inspection services.


We Are Available in Melbourne With Residential and Commercial Mosquito Control Service

Our Mosquito Pest Control Services are available for every kind of property in the city. Whether you require us for home mosquito control in Melbourne or insect control for your office space, we can help. The size of the location does not matter to us. We can give you mosquito controls in small to large-scale spaces. The wide range of properties that can avail of our long-lasting mosquito inspections and treatments are:

  • Residential societies, homes, apartments and colonies 
  • Commercial spaces like- buildings, workplaces and canteen areas. 
  • Shopping stores, shops and malls
  • Workshops
  • Educational locations like schools, tuitions and colleges
  • Eating points include hotels, restaurants and cafes and much more. 

The Serious Consequences of The Mosquito Bite

When mosquitoes bite you, it gets into your skin using the proboscis (a unique mouthpart) and sucks blood. When it is feeding on you, it injects saliva that results in itching and bumps. A few people have very mild reactions to mosquito bites. Whereas, on others it reacts strongly, resulting in swelling in a large area, redness, and soreness. However, major reactions occur to children, people bitten by mosquitoes type that they have not been ever exposed to before. And people with low immune systems also face severe consequences.

  1. Mosquito bites spread germs. Dengue and malaria are the most common viruses you may get sick with.
  2. A mosquito also gets infected when it is biting an infected person/ animal. And when it again bites you, you may get infected too.
  3. You can get serious skin rashes and painful joints.
  4. Moreover, you may get the flu with fever, headache, and chills.
  5. A prolonged period of weakness and tiredness.
  6. Some people also get nausea, dizziness, and stiff neck.

How Does The Max Mosquito Control Melbourne Team Work at Your Place?

As a professional Melbourne mosquito control company, we offer a four-step process to make your place mosquito-free. As well as safe for your living. Check what we do when you call us at your place for controlling mosquitoes. 

  • Inspection: on arriving at your location, we conduct a detailed inspection. While inspecting, we locate nestings, breeding grounds and water sources for mosquitoes. We will also inspect the type of mosquito species that needs to be treated.
  • Mosquito control plan: as per inspection, we create a customised mosquito control plan to restrict mosquito entry to your premises. The plan includes a list of treatment methods, some instructions, desirable outcomes, etc. Before starting with the treatment, we will share all the important information & ensure you are getting a transparent service.
  • Extermination Process: we make use of various methods including fogging, non-toxic, physical control and other pesticides. We take care of your health and prefer doing eco-friendly methods of extermination. Based on the level of mosquito nesting, we use a mix of several control methods to give the best results. 
  • Ongoing Prevention & Documentation: any mosquito control process gives results for a specific period of time. To limit mosquitoes for a long period, we will share a few tips and tricks with you. Lastly, our mosquito control Melbourne experts provide you with documentation of the entire treatment done. And suggest follow up and checkups, if necessary.

Need More Pest Control Service in Melbourne?

Max Pest Control team is highly active in Melbourne and all suburbs to provide you 24 hours emergency pest inspection and management services. Mosquito Control Service in Melbourne is our specialty but we are also offering you a complete range of cheap and affordable pest control services you can book as per your need.

We Are Available At All Prime Locations in Melbourne, VIC For Mosquito Control

You can now call MAX Pest Control in all leading locations of Melbourne. We are all-rounders at doing mosquito treatments. Locations, where we serve our mosquito treatments, are: