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A common domestic pest, moth live, breed and feed in dark corners, cool and damp place. Thus when you think of moth control, think of all those vulnerable sites where they can easily grow. It is easier to protect your home, food and wardrobe from moth than you think. The spots in the house like cupboards and wardrobes are a favourite place for them. There are several varieties of moths but only a few of them are found in residential and commercial premises. They have rarely any impact on humans but are harmful to the crops or herbs in your garden. The larvae of moths can damage clothes, fabrics, furs, leather and carpets. Thus when you have an infestation, there is a need for Moth Control Melbourne service to eradicate the problem.

Problems Correlated With Moth Infestation
Problems Correlated With Moth Infestation

Problems Correlated With Moth Infestation

The most common problems correlated with moth infestation are given below: 

  1. Cloth moth can cause heavy damage to your wardrobes in the form of dark spots and bad odours. Clothes also get different problems like holes and faeces stains. 
  2. Some of the moths have feeding habits on animal fibres like silk and wool and they damage it.
  3. Carpets, curtains and upholstery can also be among their targets. These can become a spot for their laying eggs and growth.
  4. Foodstuff can get infected with their presence and sitting as they leftover germs and scrape with their body.

Two Most Common Moth Near You

  1. Clothes Moth:

    You kept your cloth ironed and shaped in cupboards or wardrobes but found it with a hole and dark dotted stains. This is the work of cloth moth hidden in your wardrobes and cupboards. To prevent this damage, make sure the clothes especially woollens, mohair and fur are washed before putting for a long time especially at the end of the summer season. They are mostly active in summer when your winter clothes lie in there. So act accordingly, and keep your clothing dry, clean and safe.
  2. Pantry Moth:

    If you are running a food store or pantry then be aware of pantry moth. They are very much attracted to food items whether it is packaged dry food items or open daily food. They can easily get in and infect your stored food or being prepared. To keep this place free of their risk have a high level of cleanliness in surroundings as well as inside the kitchen. Treat the area outside your store with pesticides to let them remain away.  

Don’t Let Moths Damage Your Choice

Most moths do not harm humans straightway, but they are still problematic pests. They can damage your clothes, carpets, blankets and more. It is not economical to replace your wardrobe because it’s infested with the moth. We at Max Pest Control Melbourne provides professional exterminators to get rid of moths. Do not think much as it is already late, if you are facing damage in the form of holes and stains on cloth and other items. There is a need for a Moth Control Melbourne service. We are there for you to make your wardrobes and cupboards free of moth and protect your items in it from damage.

Preventive Tips Against Moth

Some of the best tips are given below:

  1. Keep the storage place for clothes and other items dry and clean.
  2. If you are storing clothes for a long time then keep it tightly packed so that it does not get dampness or effect of humidity. 
  3. Food items which can attract them should be kept covered in cans. 
  4. If there is any observation of eggs or moths, take instant action.
  5. Get pest inspection service even though you do not see any moth.
  6. Keep the surrounding and house clean.

Solutions to the Moth Control Problem

The moth infestation is a serious problem and you can not ignore it. Many people try to deal with moths themselves and instead of killing they provide moths time to grow and increase their population. There is a need for a specific solution to the problem. Here, trial and error and DIY tips and methods rarely work. It may give you relief for some time but later on the situation will be the same. So, reach to Max Pest Control Melbourne for professional service and a full proof solution to this problem. We also provide same-day Rodent Control in Melbourne at a low cost.