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Wherever there are humans, there are pests. No matter where you live, it is impossible to have a life without facing some kind of pest issue at some point in time or the other. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you stay educated and aware of not only the harmful effects of pests but also know how to eliminate and eradicate these pesky creatures so that you can have a life of peace in a healthy living environment. Fortunately, if you are living in Warragul or its nearby areas, then the good news is that you can put all your pest worries at rest with Max Pest Control Melbourne, Warragul.

Our trained and professional pest control experts are certified and experienced to solve all kinds of pest infestations and help you free your house from these dangerous and annoying creatures. Our Warragul pest control experts with their high quality service have made us the best pest control company in Warragul. In the last 30 years of our existence, we have served over 5000+ happy customers across all parts of Australia.

If you are looking for local pest control in Warragul, then without a doubt Max Pest Control Melbourne is your ideal choice for an effective and efficient pest removal solution. You can call us on 0344222333 for safe and effective pest control solutions designed for both residential and commercial pest control.

What makes Max Pest Control Melbourne the ideal choice for you

When it comes to pest control, you should hire a team that is safe, reliable and professional. Max Pest Control Melbourne offers affordable pest control solutions in Warragul which has been appreciated and trusted by clients over the years. Some of the features that set us apart from the rest of the companies are

  • We understand to your problems and eliminate pests from the root so that there are no chances of recurring pest infestations in the future
  • We are affordable, safe and trusted by clients for over 30 years
  • Our professional Warragul pest control experts are highly trained, certified and available 24/7
  • We refrain from using smelly and low grade chemicals. All our professionals use only verified, government approved, low toxic and eco-friendly products and materials to ensure that you get the most effective and safest solutions
  • We offer guaranteed services to ensure effective pest removal
  • We provide a clean and hygienic atmosphere

How to spot a pest infestation and know if it is time to call pest control

Pests are not only disease carriers that can cause physical health hazards to you and your family, but also lead to damage of property and business reputation. If there is a pest infestation in your business or workplace, it can also scare away customers or decrease the efficiency, productivity and mental wellbeing of your employees. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on any signs of pest infestation so that you can tackle the problem while it is still small as larger infestations make it difficult to remove and can also become a much more expensive affair.

Keeping a conscious check on any signs of pest infestation is the simplest way to identify and spot a potential threat. Some of the ways which can help you spot a pest infestation are

Lookout for visible signs –

If you happen to see pests moving across the floor or scurrying on the walls or roof may mean that there is a pest source. You should then hire pest inspectors to inspect the suspected area and find out the exact source of the problem so that it can be eliminated from the root.

Notice unusual and strange smells

Droppings, excreta and carcasses of pests often create unusual odours and smells. You should always keep a check if there are any odd smells coming out from the dark and hidden corners of your property as this may be an indication that there is a potential infestation.

Look out for strange constructions

Pests like to dwell in the dark, hidden and moist areas of the house. They also build their own nests where they reproduce and multiply their population. If you come across any strange constructions that may look like a nest or spider webs, then it is time to call for Warragul pest control services.

Check for property damages

many species of pests like rats, mice, etc., cause a lot of property damage. If you happen to see chew marks on carpets, furniture, walls, books, etc., it is a clear sign that your house or workplace has been infested by pests and it is advisable to call for pest control services to avoid further damage.

Services provided by Max Pest Control Melbourne Warragul

Unchecked and uncontrolled pests may cause a lot of stress and anxiety. If not handled in the right manner, it can lead to health and property damages. Many times, it may seem like pests can be controlled by your own using DIY methods, but it should be kept in mind that do-it-yourself methods are not only dangerous but may also provide ineffective and temporary solutions and increase the chances of future pest infestations. Hence it is advisable to hire professional pest control services to have a permanent solution to your pest problems. Some of the pest control services provided by Max Pest Control Melbourne in Warragul are


Ant removal

Wasp removal

Mosquito control

Flea control

Moth control

Rodent control and elimination

Spider control

Cockroach control

Bed bugs control and elimination

Silverfish removal and control

Possum removal

Bees control

Bird control

Flies control

End-of-lease pest inspection

Highly effective fumigation services

There are many different methods to remove pests effectively from your house and business areas. One of the most effective ways is the process of fumigation. In this process penetrating gases like carbon dioxide, methyl bromide, ethyl oxide, etc., are used to kill insects or disease carrying organisms as well as their eggs and spores. The advanced pest control in Warragul offered by Max Pest Control Melbourne has all the resources and required certification to carry out this method safely and effectively.

At Max Pest Control Melbourne, we have three types of fumigants to use in the process of fumigation like

  • Contact fumigants in this process fumigants are applied directly to the target.
  • Area fumigants area fumigants are administered throughout an area and are most effective in controlling pests that enter through doors, windows, etc.
  • Systematic fumigants systematic fumigants are secreted into the air and get absorbed by all living beings, including pests.

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