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Possum Removal Melbourne

Possums may look cute and innocent, but they are the opposite. These wild creatures may mess up your garden, damage the basement, steal your pet’s food and whatnot. Having them in your yard or basement is the most annoying thing ever. But, with proper possum removal in Melbourne, you can make your space safe again!

Max Pest Control offers guaranteed possum removal in Melbourne. We understand the urgency of the matter and will reach your site within a few hours. Our technicians inspect the property and remove possums. We then relocate them to a safer place. We are licenced to relocate and protect possums. So, call us now, and we will do our best to bring your site back to normal.

Why Hire Us for Possum and Rat Removal Melbourne?

Max Pest Control is a renowned company offering top-notch possum removal in Melbourne. We understood the situation and got to the site on time to start the procedure. Here are more advantages of hiring us:

1. On-time Services:

Our professionals do their tasks on schedule. When you call an expert, a team will instantly come to your location and examine it to determine the condition and infestation. We utilise a safe approach to remove possums once we find everything. Max Pest Control offer 24 Hour possum removal in Melbourne.

2. Humane Methods:

To get rid of these critters, the amateur or do-it-yourselfer can employ livestock and lethal bite traps. However, the pests may perish during the treatment, and killing possums is prohibited in many countries. As a result, we recommend engaging us for possum control. Possums are removed compassionately and returned to their natural habitat by our specialists. No one is harmed throughout this procedure!

3. Possum Removal in a Legal Manner:

Possum capture, killing, or release without a licence is unlawful in Australia. These animals are legally protected. In brief, it is illegal to remove a possum without the assistance of a registered expert. When you hire one, you are not subject to any legal proceedings. Possums are released into the wild by our professionals.

4. Add-on Sanitisation:

Possums, for example, transport a lot of bacteria and pathogens. They may also scatter their spit and faeces wherever they go. After possum removal, a sanitisation treatment is required. When you engage pros, they handle it all from examination to sanitisation, leaving your house cleaner than before.

So, what are you waiting for? Call our experts and get the best possum removal in Melbourne.

Do Possums Pass on Diseases?

Yes, they do, is the most basic response. Possums are disease carriers and can easily pass them to your favourite pet. So be mindful and keep these pests out of your yard and surroundings. If you observe a possum creeping about, contact us for the best possum removal in Melbourne, and our specialists will safeguard your place from possums and the diseases they pass.
Furthermore, here is a list of illnesses that possums may transmit:

Spotted fever
Chagas Disease
Don’t let these diseases ruin your health. Even dead possums can invite germs and flies to your place. These germs may carry different other diseases. Call us now for an instant solution. We also offer emergency dead possum removal in Melbourne Hurry up!
Possum Removal Melbourne

How Can Possums Be Dangerous to Your Pet?

  • Possums do not feed on big mammals, although they may assault your pet for food or other reasons.
  • These critters favour tiny mammals such as mice, voles, and rats and frequently consume fresh flesh or animals killed in car accidents. They might eat kittens at your place.
  • Possums can carry infections and damage your pet.
  • They are also constantly infected with mites, fleas, ticks, and falsehoods. Nonetheless, they can readily pass these germs on to your pet.

If you have a pet, you should be super protective and remove possums from your surroundings as soon as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should do it yourself – that will cause more harm than good. Instead, call us for safe and reliable removal. Our specialists offer 24-hour possum removal in Melbourne because we know that emergencies can happen to anyone.

How to Identify Possum Infestation in Your Residence

To keep your place safe, you should be aware of whether or not you have possums in your yard. You must keep a look out for the following signs:

ripped shingles

Exterior flaws such as shredded soffit and ripped shingles
pet food

Overnight disappearance of pet food
foul odours

Possum excrement and their ubiquitous foul odours

Possum trails and footprints.

Damaged plants and trees.
Tree branches

Tree branches and leaves with chewing marks
possum fur

Hints of possum fur.

Unfinished leaves and fruits

If you have observed any of these signs, call us immediately. You can also contact local authorities that offer free possum removal in Melbourne. But, due to workload, they might not be able to reach the property on time. In such cases, we will always be there for you. Remember, we are just one call away!

Why Hire Experts for Removing Dead Possums?

Possums pretend to be dead when you spot them. So, even the dead possums can be a threat. On the other hand, if they are reallly dead, you still need to be safe from the flies and germs. So, its always safe to hire experts for dead possum removal in Melbourne. Call us now to learn more.

Here are some compelling reasons why hiring experts for this job is essential:

Health Risks: Dead possums can carry various diseases and parasites, posing significant health risks to you and your family. Professional removers are equipped with the right protective gear and know how to handle the situation safely.

Odor Control: Dead possums can emit a foul smell that can linger for days. Experienced professionals use effective deodorizing techniques to eliminate the odor and prevent its spread.

Proper Disposal: Improper disposal of a dead possum can lead to environmental issues and attract other pests. Experts follow regulations for appropriate disposal, minimizing any negative impact on the surroundings.

Avoiding Contamination: Removing a dead possum requires careful handling to avoid contamination of the surrounding area. Experts know how to contain the situation and prevent further contamination.

Contact Us and Make Your Place Possum-free Instantly

You may want to identify the finest firm to rely on now that you understand the importance and benefits of hiring a professional for possum removal. Max Pest Control is just what you require. We specialise in the removal, release, and control of possums and other pests. Our possum removal experts are well-trained, experienced, and qualified.
So, give us a call right away, and don’t allow the small animals to harm your property or your peace of mind! The pros will arrive on time and provide excellent possum control services at a reasonable cost. We are aware of the problem and are moving rapidly to protect everyone’s health!

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