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Max Rodent Control Melbourne offers the best rat & rodent control services across Victoria. Hearing noises inside your roof or wall, Rodents will almost certainly be active inside your roof (yes that scratching sound could be rats!), walls and under the building You might have rats in your roof?

Rodents include varieties of species and out of all, rats and mice are the most common mammals found as a pest in residential or commercial buildings. They feed on everything you have in the house and if not feed on it, then certainly destroy by cutting or chewing it. Besides this, their presence can be the reason for several health issues. To save your valuables and everything you have from them, you must hire professionals for Rodent Control Melbourne and make your house free of rodents attacks.

Rodent Pest Control Service
Rodent Pest Control Service

The Requirement for a Rodent Control Melbourne 

The weather of Melbourne supports the easy breeding and growth of rodents. The rodents are known for their feeding habits on anything present like cereals, food material, clothes, books or any stored items. The presence of sharp teeth helps them to tear or cut anything easily. They can easily dig a big burrow and enter your house through his sources and ways when all the doors are closed by you. They are also the reason for several health issues, and some of them are epidemic and deadly. Considering all the points above we found that there is the only loss when they are in. So there is a need for a Rodent Control Service.

How Do Rodents Enter your Premises?

The rodents are very sensitive to the things they like and find their way to them. They can easily get into your house through several openings and crevices that may be windows, doors or others. If all the means are closed they are capable of making burrow through the hard and soft floor surface. The breeding cycle of rodents are very short that is why one enters and it does not take much time to take the form of infestation. Any loosely packed or open food source is their best attraction.

The Resistive Nature of Rodents

The rodents especially rats and mice are among those pests which can gain resistivity against certain types of pesticides that are in use for the year. When they gain resistivity the pesticides do not affect them and their population keeps on increasing. In the meantime, as an effect of pesticides, they become passive for some time and again start with their work of destruction. So there is a need to keep an eye on their resistivity and use of pesticides to impact them effectively and control their population.

The Clues to Recognise a Rodent Infestation

There are several clues to a rodent infestation. Some of the easily notable clues are:

  1. Scattered stored items in a sack or cotton bag and some cut piece around.
  2. Overnight food spills as well as vanishing food leftovers.
  3. The presence of grain size waste material produced by the rodents.
  4. The sound of their movement in the night which is easily distinguishable.
  5. If they will be large in number then you can see them during the day too.

How to Save your Premises Against Rodent Infestation?

There are several ways to save your premises against rodents attacks. Those which you can easily adopt are:

  1. Fix a time interval for pest inspection whether you observe any sign of their presence or not.
  2. Do not leave anything open in the night, especially food items.
  3. Store your items in the aluminium or tin can in place of jute bag or sack as it can be easily cut by rodents. 
  4. Keep the surrounding and house clean.
  5. Do not leave any corner of your house which is out of your reach or remains unvisited for a long time. 
  6. Place baits and traps even though you are not having their presence, to catch any if enters somehow.

Professional Exterminator of Rodents

Seeing the need of people for Rodent Control Service in Melbourne, many teams of professional exterminators are working to fulfil this need. The professionals are certified and experienced in the work from state farms which makes them the best exterminators. With full details of the work and pest, they make the eradication of the rodents an easy one. Professionals are equipped with the best tools and pesticides which are tested for rodent extermination as well as other pests.

Max Pest Control Melbourne service for Rodents Extermination

Max Pest Control Melbourne is in service for more than 23 years serving all the suburbs of Melbourne. We have several teams of highly experienced and skilled exterminators for all kinds of pests included in our service. The availability of modern tools and checked pesticides make our service a viable one. We are available 24*7 hours to get the queries, bookings and give the service. So for Rodent Control Melbourne, our service will be the best choice. We also provide same-day Ants Control Services in Melbourne at a low cost.

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