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Silverfish Control Melbourne

Silverfishes are known for their hiding, nocturnal and destructive habits. The cupboards for clothes keeping and racks for bookkeeping are their favourite place. They have got a small breeding cycle which helps them to increase their population in a short time which results in an infestation. We know that no one wants to get their valuable clothes, books, photo frames and documents to be destroyed by silverfish. To keep your things safe and free of risk from their attacks there is a need for Silverfish Control Melbourne service. You can use DIY methods and tips or professionals for exterminating them.

silverfish control melbourne

The Need for The Treatment of Silverfish

The silverfish infestation directly means a lot of wastage and destruction. If they will be inside your house, you may not observe them over the day but you can see the effect of their presence in the morning. They are mostly active at night. The waste material produced by them get intact with your clothes and if you wear it in that condition, you may get an infection or various other complications. Several health issues are related to their presence. Thus to be free of the above risks, there is a need for Silverfish Control Melbourne service.

The Sources of Silverfish Entrance and Growth

There are several sources through which silverfish can enter and grow themselves into your premises. The well-known sources are:

  1. They can enter through any opening that may be doors, windows or others.
  2. They can grow in humid and airy condition easily thus if the condition prevails you will have to face them.
  3. They can be carried along with clothes, sacks and bags from outside.
  4. If there is any storage point of cereals or other items then there are chances to get their infestation at that site and then spread to other areas.
  5. Presence of other pests can be the reason for their arrival as lots of waste would be there in the house.

The Signs Which Clarify The Presence of Silverfish

There are several signs which can be easily observed and will clarify to you that there is the presence of silverfish.

Some of Them Are:

  1. Dotted black marks on the cloth kept dry and safe in the cupboards. 
  2. Holes and small cuttings in books and items made with paper.
  3. An odour from the cloth as well as cupboards which is easily distinguishable.
  4. You may find one or two running in the cupboards or on the floors, which means they are present in a large number.

DIY Tips and Methods for Silverfish Control 

These are some of the best DIY tips and methods for silverfish control:

  1. Adhesive Traps:

    Make an adhesive trap with the help of flour, water and boric acid. Apply index card on the trap to make it effective and let it dry. Set the trap at the right place and you will see silverfish stick with it the next morning. The resources are easily available for doing making this trap. 
  2. Baits:

    Assimilate food items with boric acid and set it as a bait for the silverfish. The silverfish will get on food items to eat and die at the end. Keep this bait where children and pets can not reach. Keeping it in a close place like cupboards will be very useful. 
  3. Hole Sprays:

    Make a solution of boric acid with water and put it in a spray bottle. Use it to spray on the most vulnerable sites like holes, cracks and crevices in the house where they might be hiding during the day. 

Professional Silverfish Control Melbourne

Silverfish are not easy to be observed, trapped and get control of this DIY tips and methods do not help to get complete rid of them. The professional services are available in the market for silverfish control in which you get a team of highly skilled and experienced exterminators ready to eradicate silverfish easily. All the requirements of the service are carried by them thus you need not worry about anything after booking for a professional Best Pest Control Service in Melbourne.

Steps to Be Taken to Avoid Silverfish Growth

There are several steps that you can take and add to your daily life to avoid the growth of silverfish at your place. They are:

  • Repair the reason for dampness: Leaky pipes, waterlogging, damp basements, and humidity provide the best environment for silverfish and all are related to each other. So keep the sources and supply of water in check.
  • Food Sources: Silverfish feed on starch and sugar found in the paper, glue, book bindings, insulation, and cardboard boxes. They are mainly found close to their food source. Manage storage bins for paper and other items. 
  • Dust off and put all those items infested with silverfish in sunlight. All of them will move out on their own.
  • Cleaning Corners and crevices: Silverfish hide and lay their eggs in cracks and crevices. Vacuum clean these spots and the residue should be thrown at the right place such that they do not get back to your house crawling back.

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